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Social Media and Virtual Communities


Course Topics: 10 Businesses LoseRegain Control

This is a course for the students with a strong interest in new technologies and how they may be used to create new business opportunities, particularly new social networking media.  Topics covered will include social networking and how the business world leverages them, virtual worlds and technologies, skills in designing and implementing social media for business value using sharepoint and iTunes U (hands on projects). 
Initial Thoughts:
1 *HBR “Understanding Opposition”
2 *Computerworld “Taking Control By Letting Go”
3 WSJ “Disruptions on the Virtual Trail”
4 WSJ “Online Video Contest Gets People Talking”
5 WSJ “Building an Online Community of Loyal and Vocal Users”
6 WSJ “How Can a Company Protect Its Reputation on Web Sites” also “Technology 1, Common Sense 0”
7 WSJ “Managers Learn to Bond with Remote Workers”
8 WSJ “Between the Lines”
9 Computerworld “IT Finally Opens Its Eyes to Camera Phones”
10 *Forbes “Growing Pains”