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Social Media and Virtual Communities


Course Topics: Project Guidelines

This is a course for the students with a strong interest in new technologies and how they may be used to create new business opportunities, particularly new social networking media.  Topics covered will include social networking and how the business world leverages them, virtual worlds and technologies, skills in designing and implementing social media for business value using sharepoint and iTunes U (hands on projects). 
Update for Fall 2009: This semester we have two types of projects.  The first is the sort described in the description below.  The second is a strategic project working with an outside organization.  There are at least three outside organizations hoping to work with you this semester.  1) Emory Healthcare Marketing 2) Emory Marketing 3) Cox Media Business Development.  This second type of project contains substantial ambiguity and will require you to work with the client to help define the project.  To a large degree the discussions I have had revolve around "What are social media and what do we do with them?"
  1. Emory Healthcare- David Wu ; Jonathan Foulds ; Stan Leung ; Sharai Hoekema ; Cyril Nelson
  2. Emory Marketing - Nicole Anderson ; Ross Ellis ; Adam Greenes ; Kristin Bolton-Keys ; Alejandro Jimenez ; Jing Sun
  3. Cox Media - Ishai Rosenberg ; Sajal Agarwal ; Robert Kahuanui III ; Thibault Dauphin ; Evana Eko ; Nana Stephens
  4. BizTech - Venkat Rajaji ; Andy Lomasky ; Kyle Kitsch ; Kevin Wu ; Adam Smith; Jacob Willis
  5. Goizueta Social Enterprise Initiative - David Papa ; Adnan Rashid ; Lee Miller; Felix Neugebauer ; Slawek Goryczka;
Project Type 1: "GBS is painfully behind in social media integration.  We are going to work with the CIO and IT staff to change this.  You will learn hands-on about the challenges of getting social media working, and you will gain valuable skills in Microsoft SharePoint, the de facto standard social media engine on the Web for most businesses."
The projects in this class are somewhat unstructured in terms of schedule though structured in terms of design elements I would like you to implement.  I am counting on the fact that I have trained one or more members of everygroup in process and systems management in my 351 course.  I am also counting on the fact that every group has members who have not taken this course.  The relevant skills from the course are process modeling and the general approach to operational improvement. 
Here are the elements I would  like you to accomplish in your project:
** indicates more difficult tasks that you may not be able to do.  These will require joint problem solving among the groups, sharing, and creativity.
  1. Select an organization / group here at GBS or at another organization where they have a SharePoint server and are willing to give you access to designing their SharePoint site.
    • Arrange access for members of your group.  You will need full permissions.
  2. Add an RSS feed into their site.
  3. Publish an RSS feed from their site.
  4. **Build a bridge into their site from a FirstClass conference (this will require some special code we are working on right now)
  5. Embed a relevant video or other interactive media such as a customized Google Map into their site and enable comments on it.
  6. Create a video tutorial or introduction to the group and place it at the Site's top level.
  7. Setup permissions for the site manager(s) and make a 2-page (or less) getting started document -> upload it to the Group's Shared Documents as a PDF and place the information in a page within the site.
  8. **Integrate a Tweet feed, FriendFeed, yammer, or other mobile device content submission and access tool.
  9. Build a discussion or wiki page and get it used (make usage reasoning and motivation clear and add initial content that will be compelling to the group [perhaps material they already have])
  10. Link, link, link -> get the page noticed.  Get it listed on one or more GBS sites.  One or more Emory sites, and one or more non-Emory sites.
  11. **Add a relevant, structured workflow such as a new member introduction process, a document approval process, or a club voting process (or other process) in the site and make it usable.
  12. Embed an office document with a clear use-case (such as an interactive spreadsheet for understanding interest on an investment group site, for example) Here is a sample Excel sheet in our Open Library.