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Social Media and Virtual Communities


Course Topics: Social Media Design Nuggets

This is a course for the students with a strong interest in new technologies and how they may be used to create new business opportunities, particularly new social networking media.  Topics covered will include social networking and how the business world leverages them, virtual worlds and technologies, skills in designing and implementing social media for business value using sharepoint and iTunes U (hands on projects). 
Add your social media design nuggets to this page.  To attribute credit, please be sure to type your name after your nuggets as in the examples below.  Just add your nuggets to the numbered list at this point.  Later we can organize the list.  Be ready to explain your nuggets and tell how/when/why they occurred to you.  Or, you can write about your nugget(s) in a brief paragraph just below it/them.
1) enable feedback - Dominic
Static media are necessarily broadcast mode.  There must be a means for interaction that can be captured and stored and re-represented to other visitors/participants.
2) update regularly - Dominic
If you can automate this updating through RSS or other means to ensure constant, topical, fresh content, that would be excellent.
3) consolidation of information - Jillian
Wikis enable input from multiple people to be consolidated into one page so that, for instance, users do not have to sort through numerous emails.

4) put core activities within one click -Dominic
5) add pictures of real people engaged in the sorts of activities that the group does - Dominic
6) building on number 3 - enable the wiki to accept information from emailed input - Dominic
7) seamless language translation - Erik
Allow all cultures and backgrounds to actively participate. Essentially, a way for instantaneous translation that doesn't make foreign visitors feel alienated when they first approach the medium. Can be done using IP Addresses and cookies that will allow the visitor to be identified by language preference.
8) no codes: allow anyone to build a social media site (not just an extension/account of a main site like Facebook or Myspace) without the need for complicated codes. ~chuan 9) Consistent website architecture across all sub-pages: Make navigation and participation as seamless and intuitive as possible. A website with good design ideas:

10) Automatic development of a constantly-updating personal social and/or business timeline, including dates and times of interaction and dates and times of important tasks and developments accomplished. The timeline should be easily accessible to both the user of social media and those who are related to and oversee the work of the user. In this way, even casual developments can easily be documented and quantified to call open for repetition of successful results. Eventually, formulas for success could be developed with the quantified information and extrapolated to relationships beyond the original. This system could also help assess the level of teamwork during particular and series of projects and to pair people based on their communication and behavior during tasks, even if they had never been paired before. I suppose it's kind of Match.comesque, but with solid and behavioral evidence for pairing based on business goals. --Jordan

11) Social media across different platforms: we have been focusing mostly on computer-based social media but the next wave of social media will live and die on cell phones. We are already seeing this transition with some of the applications available for the iPhone (and the upcoming Android Store and RIM Application Store). Social media on mobile devices is how social media was meant to be used in the first place, it accompanies us everywhere, information flows back and forth no matter where we are. Mobile social media has tremendous potential. For example: one of the candidates for the presidential election has just launched an iPhone application which lets supporters access lists of voters to call, places to volunteer for the campaign, and a detailed list of the candidate's positions on issues. The application can even access the iPhone's contact list and start making calls! The power of social media - coming to your cellphone... Nick

12) The implementation of a system should focus on Strategy, People, Process, and Technology, NOT just technology.

13) Currently, we must use Serial Processing for document editing, but Parallel Processing is the goal.